When you package coffee with nitrogen, the pot of coffee you brew the day you open the nitrogen flushed coffee bag is just as fresh as the day it was roasted. While many people within the coffee industry know all about which beans to go after on the open market, which regions create the best Arabica or Robusta blends and varietals, and which blends work best for espresso, many coffee roasters are unaware that packing coffee with nitrogen extends its life exponentially.

N750 Gavina 99 Front

N750 Gavina 99 Front

Staleness or flatness of coffee beans or ground coffee before the expiration date is a common problem for those who package their beans or ground coffee without the use of a nitrogen generator. Nitrogen flushing coffee is an especially good idea for those who do not bag their coffee immediately following the roasting process—if it takes you more than 45 minutes to an hour to get to bagging your entire newly roasted batch, packing coffee with nitrogen is the only way to ensure the stabilization of the gases, creating longer lasting freshness for your end consumer.

Wondering about nitrogen purity requirements for packaging coffee beans or ground coffee?

When it comes to packaging coffee, be it whole bean, ground, roasted for drip or for espresso, the nitrogen requirements observed range from 99-99.9%. Think that’s high? Not to worry—with our super pure nitrogen for coffee packaging, you won’t have to worry if the nitrogen you’ve generated on-site is pure enough.

The same is also true for companies that may be flushing and packaging espresso pods with nitrogen—the same standard of purity is expected to be met to ensure the highest levels of freshness as well as to keep your product from degrading during its stamped shelf life.

One thing is certain when it comes to packaging coffee on-site: those who opt in to on-site nitrogen generation for nitrogen flushing coffee and espresso products will save tens of thousands of dollars each year—this level of savings allows you to grow your coffee business faster, make more money, and create a superior-tasting product your returning customers will come to love in no time.

If you have not yet started packing your coffee with nitrogen, get in touch with Gas Generation Solutions so we introduce you to the world of nitrogen flushed coffee packaging. It will completely revolutionize your on-location roasting process—you'll never have a complaint about stale beans or ground coffee again.