When it comes to the medical equipment and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as medical environments such as doctors’ offices and hospitals that use specialized equipment, nitrogen gas generation is a big part of the overall safety for the patients, staff, and anyone else nearby.

To lower combustibility of an environment, nitrogen gas generation is key. Combustion levels are dramatically lowered when oxygen is removed from medical device packaging areas and also wherever pharmaceuticals are being prepared for use. The practice of "inerting" an area for safety is done relatively simply with nitrogen generators for medical industries.

Nitrogen alone will keep the effects of combustible gases at bay because it literally supplants and replaces these other gases upon release from the nitrogen generator for a pharmaceutical lab or anywhere else that is an enclosed area where combustible gases like oxygen could create an explosive and severely harmful event.

It’s important to note that if cost is an issue for small clinics, hospitals on a financial plan, or any other medical or pharmaceutical facility in need of a nitrogen generator for medical packaging or other industrial applications of nitrogen, Gas Generation Solutions brings you a host of used nitrogen generators as well as many new N2 generation machines that will work for nearly any budget. Let us know how we can serve you and your medical facility needs by contacting us today.